Hi there. I am Natalie.

Natalie Frank, an author with roots in Georgia, has found homes in Wisconsin, Chicago, and Oberlin. As a young Jewish woman, she weaves cultural heritage and social activism into her books. Her passion for fantasy and science fiction romance books goes beyond entertainment; she endeavors to challenge the prototypical male narrative and delve into feminism within speculative fiction. She published her first book When Sea Becomes Cemetery at age fourteen and has not stopped writing since. When not writing, she is a student at Oberlin College, an acrobat and juggler in the Circus, and sometimes a violinist. Her greatest weaknesses include dark chocolate, kissing scenes, and houseplants.

Natalie Frank is a Creative Writing and Psychology student pursuing her Bachelor of Arts at Oberlin College. With a GPA of 3.94, Natalie has engaged in a diverse range of coursework, encompassing fields like Economics, Psychology, Astronomy, and Playwriting, among others.

Natalie's work experience demonstrates her capacity for leadership and initiative. As a Program Assistant at THRIVE Scholars, she facilitated and supported a 6-week program for over 200 scholars in partnership with major companies, including Citadel and Google. Moreover, her role as a Documentary Research Intern at Espiritus Productions enhanced her research skills; she contributed to the development and pitch of a documentary film. Natalie's commitment to her college community is evident through her various roles as an Oberlin College Admissions Ambassador, Blogger for the Office of Communications, and Service Engagement Intern with Oberlin College Hillel, where she volunteered with humanitarian organizations and organized events to support marginalized communities. 

"No matter what, Frank knows writing more books is going to be part of her future."

- Samantha West, Appleton Post-Crescent, 2020

Furthermore, Natalie is actively involved in volunteer work, including an internship with Oberlin Community Services and her leadership as President of the Matzah Ball Committee, which fosters inclusivity and promotes Jewish values. Additionally, Natalie is a multifaceted individual, participating in various student organizations such as OCircus!, OBurlesque, Oberlin Experimental College, Oberlin Pottery Co-Op and Student Cooperative Association (OSCA), and Hillel and Chabad. She excels in organization, written and verbal communication, and graphic design.

In recognition of her achievements, Natalie has been the recipient of the John F. Oberlin Scholarship for academic excellence and has won the National Novel Writing Month competition for three consecutive years. Her historical fiction book, "When Sea Becomes Cemetery," self-published on Amazon.com, is a testament to her passion for writing and storytelling. Natalie's accomplishments have garnered media attention and she has been featured in prominent outlets like Post Crescent, WBAY, and WeAreGreenBay.com for her literary work.

With her combination of academic excellence, dedication to social activism, and passion for creative writing, Natalie Frank works to make a significant impact on both her college community and the world at large.