I Get It I Get It I Get It

A play on those who survive school shootings

Where it began

Where it is

I Get It I Get It I Get It is a play about four teenage girls who survive a school shooting. Their stories begin centered around their respective relationships with the shooter. Trying to recover from the shooting, each heals their lives and copes with the trauma of a school shooting, the normalization of gun violence, and the expectation of continuity.

Where it is going

I Get It I Get It I Get It is a play script that discusses mass gun violence in schools and the impact on a young female population.

Natalie wrote the first draft of this play in 2023 over three months.

Content warning: swearing, school shooting

A door bangs and slams. Everyone falls silent. It’s quiet again, at least for five seconds.


Do you think-



There are more doors rattling. Jamie grabs Britt’s hand. They both pull out their phones and text people.

JAMIE (aside)

We’re not supposed to text. That’s what they tell us because rumors spread, and people get scared, and what if the shooter sees something you posted or texted or Snapped? What if parents come? That’s the first thing the administration tells us in safety assemblies.

She sends a text.


Well fuck them. They’ve never had to hide under a desk and listen to every door rattle and open and wonder if yours is next. I’m going to tell my parents I love them before it’s too late.

- An excerpt from I Get It I Get It I Get It